Window treatment – What exactly do you require?

by Wren on April 3, 2013

window treatment

If you are planning to decorate your window with a new window treatment, then take a moment to think and then progress. What is it that you want in your window? Is it style or is it trend? Do you want beauty or do you want personal touch to reflect on your window? Is there any specific thing you want to draw attention to while decorating your window? All these things will help you to better formulate your idea of having a great window treatment.

Consider the elements

RodsWindow treatment

Once you are sure about your idea of having a window treatment and the way in which you would like to have it, next comes the question about the necessary elements of the treatment. What are the essential factors and what are the accessories? Among the essential elements two things are primary – the fabric of the treatment and the hardware needed for the treatment.

Select fabric wisely


Be sure about your needs and wants. Mark out clearly what your requirements are and what you wish to have in the decoration. For the fabric select the material depending on the need first and then go about selecting the colour, texture, pattern, etc. If you need draperies for the cause of creating privacy in a room it is better to select a heavy fabric. If you want light to flow in the room then selecting light weight fabric that allows light to pass through the material will be ideal for you. Depending on the need and your personal choice select the fabric that best describes your style.

Proceed with a hardware brand

terra cotta collectiondrapery hardware

A window treatment is never complete without the drapery hardware. Proper use of attractive drapery hardware can work wonders for your window treatment. It is always better to go with a brand while selecting your drapery hardware. A brand provides you with the assurance of quality of your goods and peace of mind in terms of dependability. A renowned brand such asVesta Drapery Hardware is known for its eye-catching designs and attractive styles. If you want to have a piece of elaborate design to feature on your window then a brand like Houseparts Drapery Hardware can be a perfect choice for you. For a stylish modern look the drapery hardware from the Metropolitan collection of Design Elements Group is a great option to explore. While a brand name can assure you of quality it can also provide you with numerous options ranging in large collections for that particular look or style that you want.

Install in a proper manner

Hinged ElbowBall Peg

What is it that makes some window treatment stand out and the others to be just there? What differentiates between two window treatments adorned with the same materials, one standing in glory and the other lost in the decor of a normal home? It is the way the treatment is installed and hanged. A good window treatment when hanged in a proper manner can make a statement of style in a room while the same treatment when hanged in a lacklustre manner can defeat the purpose of the window decor. So, take time, have patience and work carefully. Measure diligently to mount the drapery hardware in the best possible position and then hang it properly. Step abck and let your window do the talking!

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