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by Wren on October 23, 2013


Stocking stuffers are a great thing for the holidays, especially if you are like me and have lots of stocking to stuff! I am always looking for great items that are small and useful. It is always a great perk when it is great for ourselves and the enviornment. I love all natural stuff and I always look for things that are cruelty free. I think if it has to be tested on animals then it really is not meant to be used on anyone!


So I found something that has so many uses it would be a crime to not find it in your stocking this year! Waxelene The Petroleum Jelly Alternative. I have mentioned before I love supporting American businesses, I feel that helping your own country when purchasing items is a huge perk! Waxelene also only has 4 ingredients, thats it! I do not have to name off a ton of things I can not pronounce to you. It is made with Organice Soybean Oil, 100% Natural Beeswax, Organice Rosemary Oil & 100% Natural Vitamin E Oil. How nice does that list sound?

There are so many uses for Waxelene, you can use it just as you would Petroleum Jelly. Though I never imagined the list to be so long for that, nor would I feel good about using it. With Waxelene I can not help but feel great about using it. Dry skin, chapped lips, and it can even remove make-up… just to name a few uses.


When you open it up and just put it on your hands it instantly softens them, and the smell is amazing. I simply love the smell. I kept wanting to feel my own hands and I even put it on my dry legs and those babies have never been smoother! So you can see that just something as simple as wanting use it as a moisturizer is a great thing. I am HUGE about giving myself a pedicure, its a cheap way of getting my feed pampered. I am always looking for great quality items to be a part of that routine. It really made my feet feel amazing for days! Did I also mention the smell, I know I did, but it deserves repeating.

So Waxelene is certainly something I will be adding to my stocking stuffer list this year! So if your coming to my home for the holidays, you should expect to find that in there!

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