Washable Nursing Pads- Loving Moments by Leading Lady Review

by Wren on September 1, 2013


With my first baby I was nursing and used these disposable nursing pads. Now that is all in good as they were easy to use and toss, but I kept wondering if there was something better. Perhaps something I could reuse and feel good about myself. I am all about protecting Mother Earth, and even in something as tiny as that I want to do my part. Not just that, I wanted something that was also comfortable and discreet.


I was lucky enough to have Loving Moments by Leading Lady Washable Nursing pads for my most recent baby. We had our struggles nursing, but it was not made more difficult by my nursing pads. I also found they were crazy absorbant! I was able to go out in public and if a let down happen, NO PROBLEM. I was not left feeling wet and no one had any idea. They were easy to throw into the wash and came out feeling just as soft as before. They never moved from where I had put them, so I did not miss the sticky backing of the disposable kind. In fact I found it easier when trying to nurse, because my nursing pads did not get in the way.

I simply removed them each time I needed to nurse and they were easy enough to put back when I was finished! They were easy to change after a let down, yet if I was unable to get to a place I could easily change them I was not left uncomfortable as it left me feeling dry. I loved them and I feel not only is my experience nursing left better for having them, but I felt great about the way I am leaving Mother Earth for my children.

Loving Moments by Leading Lady makes it easier than ever for expecting and new moms to find quality nursing essentials for an exceptional value. The new brand from Leading Lady provides new moms with quality, affordable nursing intimate apparel in fun and fashionable styles.  Featuring playful stretch lace, cute and supportive nursing tank tops, soft comfortable sleep and leisure bras, seamless every day styles, as well as washable nursing pads, Loving Moments has a nursing bra for every occasion.

Available only at Wal-Mart® and WalMart.com, Loving Moments is easily found where moms shop – in stores and online – making it just a little bit easier to save on the essentials needed to welcome a new baby into the family.

Loving Moments is about more than just intimate apparel, which is why LovingMomentsBras.com was created as a resource for new moms.  From product information to sizing assistance and breastfeeding tips, LovingMomentsBra.com is the destination for new and expecting moms.

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