VTech Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor Review

by Wren on October 4, 2013


I recently had a new baby and I have struggled with finding a balance between working and making sure she is attended to. Though many of you Moms know that for the first few months there is very little in way of routine, so I really did absolutely no work. I disliked not being able to do some work when I wanted to, but at the same time relished every second with my brand new baby. Now that I am back to work I need to find a way to be able to function between working at home and taking care of my kids. The older ones are pretty easy and know the drill when Mommy is working.

When I go to work in my office I do it best with a headset on and some music and then I of course can not hear the baby! So I needed a monitor that would let me know she was awake visually for work, and of course be able to hear clearly when I am doing other things around the house and she is in need of her Mommy. I also wanted one that would insure no one else could just pick up our monitor on another device, I am a privacy freak! So I was on the hunt for a monitor that would do everything I needed, and VTech has so many great affordable monitors! The VTech Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor seems to be a great options for all my needs!

So first off I can sit in my office and have the monitor up where I can see it with my headphones on typing away, when she is awake and making noise by the 5 visual sound alert LED! Though I actually prefer setting it to silent and letting it vibrate! You can clip it to yourself and it will vibrate with sound in the baby’s room! I think it is fantastic! Now another great perk, it has a night light right on the main unit! Adds a little extra light to her room while she is in there. I will confess I do sneak in there and check on her and it is nice to have that light to see her by.

Now sometimes when I am going to the bathroom or in the middle of cooking I can not RUN right into the baby’s room and sooth her, so what makes this so great is that I can grab the unit that I can clip right on  myself and talk back to her. Just hearing my voice will calm her enough to let me finish what I am doing and get in there to get her. Most the time she does not wake up mad, unless she slept through one of her meals. I still will let her know I am on my way when I hear her stirring or feel the vibrations from the monitor. It keeps her calm and makes me feel better about it.

Some of the monitors I have used in the past have always had a hissing noise in the background, also known as white noise. It usually drives me crazy having to hear it, so I would turn down the monitor and be unable to actually hear my baby when she would first get up. With the VTech Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor you no longer have the hissing! You only hear sounds of the baby in her room… or the sneaky cat who hid under her crib and is now playing with a piece of string on the floor!

With the holiday season coming up and everyone is trying to find the perfect gift for everyone, when thinking of a gift for a baby this year really consider the VTech Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor to put on the tree this year! I think the parents will love you for it!

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