Violife Zapi Panda UV Toothbrush Sanitizer Review

by Wren on November 23, 2013

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I sometimes have a hard time finding gifts for kids that they will like and are useful. Giving them things that are handy is top on my list, but I really want them to enjoy it. I think Violife has truly come up with something imaginative with Zapi Panda UV Toothbrush Sanitizer!


The Zapi Panda is a place for you to store your toothbrush and kill 99.9% of germs with a UV light. Anyone can use it, but the fun Panda look is great for kids. I think anyone would be happy to have something like this. I am always worried about the germs on my toothbrush, especially after I have been sick. This goes double for my children! It seems like kids are always sick, especially when they are hanging out with kids all day.

I believe that since the Toothbrush is something that is used twice daily it should be as clean as possible, and with the Zapi this is so true! I simply loved the fun look of the panda and it wobbles and does not fall down! When my daughter would brush her teeth she would stick her toothbrush in the panda and press the button and walk away. The next time she goes to use it is is sanitized and ready for use!

She thought it was a neat gift idea when I gave it to her and I plan on getting one for each of us! They come in a wide range of colors and designs to fit just about anyone on your list this year. This is a gift that will be used daily and makes great decor in a bathroom. Plus my daughter thought it was fun to use the panda!

Zapi Panda makes a fantastic gift for any kid on your list this year and I think even the parents will thank you for thinking of it! I know I would love someone to give this to my kids. Something great that sanitizes and is adorable, so put it on your list this year!

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