Undefeated Review

by Wren on February 24, 2013


A True Story of hard knocks and overcoming obstacles that will lift your spirits, the 2011 Oscar-Winning Documentary Undefeated, from Anchor Bay Entertainment and The Weinstein Company. This is a inspirational film about an underdog football team and the coach that helped them realize their dreams, Undefeated hit the fields on Blu-ray and DVD on February 19th, 2013!

I had to say I was on the edge of my seat the whole time cheering on the players of the Manassas Tigers High school Football team. I was really big into my high school football team and I would hope in those circumstances they would come out on top. This movie was truly inspirational. I love seeing people who want to help others in anyway that they can, I think empathy goes a long way in that. You will want to watch this movie!

I loved following each character and each one has their own struggles. O.C. struggles with his grades and he knows to get an athletic scholarship he will need better grades. Money [Montrail] does amazingly well academically and is a very good player and dreams of a life where he has options. Chavis is a junior who is often angry, he just returned from a year in a youth penitentiary. Bill Courtney is their volunteer football coach, and he has little in common with his players, but that his father abandoned him when he was younger. With that his players and him form a bond.

A visiting NFL player comes to their school and asks how many of them have a relative in prision and most hands went up, when asked how many have relatives who went to college the opposite happened. These kids struggle with their environment and where they are being raised, and this story shows their courage and dedication in making a better life for themselves.

No Hope. No future… until a football season united a team and revealed the character that turned them into heroes. Undefeated an Academy Award-Winning Documentary, is the inspiring moving tale of three underprivilaged student-athletes from inner-city Memphis and their volunteer coach, Bill Courtney, trying to help them beat the odds on and off the field.

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