Transformers: Beast Hunters Review

by Wren on March 26, 2013


Growing up I watched a ton of Transformers and played with my brothers. What can I say? I was not much of a girlie girl. That being said all of it was his stuff and I just got to play with it. I was a tad jealous, but those were the days. After a time I found out my husband has a love for Transformers as well. Grew up with them and had all sorts of toys.


I was given the opportunity to review Transformers: Beast Hunters! Let me just say I was stoked as was my husband. It came in the mail and sat in my office for a couple of days and my husband was in here working on a computer and all I hear is “Honey, can I play with Optimus Prime?” How could I say no to that? It did make me giggle. So he broke it out and my daughter was all excitement in wanting to check it out. She has seen the movies with us and knows what character is what vehicle. So they sat on the floor with the instructions and turned him back and forth for a while. They were both little kids at a candy shop.

962991FB50569047F53D93642DA96F51My husband was in awe at how far they had come with the toys in making them easier to transform then his toys when he was a kid. It is a very sturdy toy and that is a great thing for me to see. Plus watching my daughter light up was an amazing feeling. I know that I have raised a pretty good kid when she likes toys no matter if they are dubbed “boy toys” or “girl toys”.

The Transformers: Beast Hunters are based off the Emmy Award-winning animated series Transformers Prime Beast Hunters. In the series the Autobots not only face off the Decepticons as usual, but the Predacons also. The Beast Hunters set will feature many of the Predacon characters along with the updated design of some of your favorite characters. Kids will be able to play alongside the series with these toys! I know my daughter does that with any of her toys!

You can watch Transformers Prime Beast Hunters on the Hub network!

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Disclosure: I received a free product from the sponsor to review. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.

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