Tips For Vacationing In Atlantic City

by Wren on February 11, 2013

Vintage Postcard, Atlantic City

If you live in the northeast, you’ve probably gone to Atlantic City once or twice. At the very least, you know a couple of people who frequent this area. It’s a fairly short drive from so many places, including New York City, and it’s full of fun and adventure. When you’re thinking about planning a vacation to this exciting locale, what do you need to know?

Picking a Hotel

When you’re vacationing in Atlantic City, it’s very wise to pick a hotel that’s on the strip. As you’ll likely notice while driving through the town, Atlantic City is not the safest place to be, and you don’t want to be walking through the town late at night to get back to your hotel after a night at the casinos. The resort you choose depends upon your personal tastes. For example, you’ll often find a younger crowd at the Tropicana and an older one at the Showboat.

Family Activities

Although a lot of people do travel to Atlantic City, they do not necessarily associate the place with family friendliness. Now, casinos are no places for children, but a host of other activities exist. Individuals can hang out at the beach, and they can stroll down the boardwalk to check out all of the shops. Furthermore, the resorts tend to have little shops in them, and families can browse through to find that perfect item to take back home. The resorts also generally offer suites, which provide plenty of room for the entire clan.

The Casinos

Going to an Atlantic City casino for the first time can be a little bit overwhelming. If you aren’t quite sure how to play the table games, check out the slot machines. You can also try out the tables during some of the slower times. The tables are usually not as crowded during the morning and afternoon hours as they are in the evening or the night. At many of these casinos, you will be able to have free drinks delivered right to you while you play. Of course, it is always courteous to tip the waitresses who bring the beverages to you.

Dining Experiences

This region is also known for its food. A lot of the resorts will have buffets available, especially in the morning. Of course, a wide range of restaurants exist. For example, you’ll find Dos Caminos, an establishment of which another branch exists in Manhattan, in Harrah’s. Enjoy some delicious Mexican food there, or enjoy a more casual experience at Hooters on the bottom floor of the Tropicana. When you’re staying in Atlantic City, it’s important to make reservations when possible because the tables can really book up quite quickly.

Other Forms of Entertainment

Gambling and eating are not all there is to do in this area. A wide range of shows, from comedy routines to musical performances, grace the presence of these resorts. If you’re lucky, you might be able to catch a glimpse of a celebrity or two at Harrah’s Pool Party. Plenty of bars and clubs exist in Atlantic City, and you can enjoy favorite cocktails while dancing the night away. The activities vary depending on the weekend, time of year and so forth. Therefore, before you venture on your journey, check to see what is being offered during your stay.

Whether you are a family with little ones, a couple or a group of older adults, Atlantic City has something to offer to you. Consider getting a rewards card from one of the resorts, and you might start earning enough points to receive some goodies free of charge!

About Author: This article was written by Kevin Caldwell for Kevin built to help other people easily find good hotels in the River North area of Chicago. 

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