ThinkFun Hello Sunshine! Review

by Wren on November 17, 2013


As the holidays get closer it is time to find presents perfect for everyone. I like to find ones that are not just fun, but perhaps educational as well. I know not all games can be that, but sometimes the most fun is when your learning. I sometimes struggle finding gifts for toddlers, but I love finding the perfect ones for them.


The cutest game I found this year for the toddlers is called Hello Sunshine! by ThinkFun. It is so adorable! It comes with a plush Sun, named Sunshine. It is so cute, even I want to cuddle it. Also included are a set of instructions cards. These cards tell you where to hide or find Sunshine with pictures. It gives kids the words and the picture to associate with it.

I could play this game for hours and so could the kids! It is fantastic to watch them hid Sunshine and find Sunshine and they truly love him and couldn’t stop hugging him. So even when the fun of the game was over, the love for Sunshine kept on going.

Even when the game was over he was still playing hiding and seek with the little ones. It just became his trademark on being hidden. I loved that it helps kids with Gross Motor Skills, Follow Instructions & Language Skills. Such a simple game can teach so many things to little ones. When things are fun it makes it easier for kids to learn.

I think this would make a great gift under the tree this year for any toddler! SO much fun and cuddles to be had with Hello Sunshine! This will certainly be on my list to wrap and put under the tree this year, Sunshine is just too adorable not to have in any home with toddlers.

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