The Sims 3 University Life Expansion Pack

by Wren on January 10, 2013


So if you check out my Love Biscuit YouTube Channel, you will see that I absolutely love The Sims! I have played The Sims, The Sims 2, & The Sims 3. I have all of the expansions & stuff packs except Sweet Treats Stuff Pack for 3… yea I spend way to much money on this stuff. I am a writer at heart and love to create stories and with this simulation game it is at my fingertips. My daughter even shares this excitement.

I just [and by just, I mean like 5 minutes ago] heard the announcement for University Life Expansion Pack, and I am excited! I loved the similar expansion with The Sims 2 and was hoping they would bring it in for this one. It brings a whole new element to the game and you can actually take your Sims to college!

I am very excited! So check out the announcement video below!

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