The Original Bheestie Review

by Wren on November 20, 2013


Holidays are coming and its time to find gifts for everyone on your list! I know sometimes some people are just so hard to shop for so you have to find something that will suit just about anyone. It can be hard sometimes to find just the right gift.


Now I know some people that have dropped their phones in toilets or perhaps jumped in the pool without taking their phone out of their pocket and for these people it cost quiet a bit of money to buy a new one because they had no alternative or just did not know of one. I recommend The Original Bheestie for people like I mentioned above or for just daily use.

Did you know that on a daily basis their is moisture in your phone? So it is good to dry it out from time to time to keep it working like new! I had no idea that my phone was getting daily moisture and I used The Original Bheestie and I have to say I did notice quiet a difference. I have had my phone a year and it had been running a bit sluggish and I thought it was just like a hardware or software thing, but really I guess it was just some moisture in my phone!

I was not going to test it on purpose, but this is a great product for people that drop their phones in toilets or jump in pools with them also! Just drop it in… Dry it out! It pulls the moisture out and will save your phone! This is a great thing for active people who get their personal electronics wet and need to save their phone and its great to just use it for day to day moisture as well!

It should last for a year, depending on the moisture levels. If you just want to use it for daily moisture you leave it in the bag for 2-8 hours and if it is for an emergency leave it in for 12 – 24 hours! I recommend the full 24 hours, JUST INCASE. I think you can never be to safe with your electronic devices, and I practically live with my phone on me.

This is a great gift for anyone and everyone! So wrap this up and put it under the tree!

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Disclosure: I received a free product from the sponsor to review. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.

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