Tell Tale Fairy Tales Review

by Wren on November 22, 2013


We have the holidays coming up and it is time to look for gifts to suit everyone on your list. I think games are a great thing for most anyone. This time I don’t mean the video game type, but a physical game. They can be fun and really draw a family together and bring great joy. The best games bring out people’s imaginations.


Blue Orange make some really neat games and I tried out Tell Tale Fairy Tales and it was such a fun game. There are so many ways you can play it, why stick with just one way to play such a great game? You have 6o game cards with beautiful illustration on them. It is for players 5 and up and you can play with up to 8 players!

You can play competitively or coop a really neat story. I find that it was extremely fun to weave our own bedtime stories. We would pick cards at random and come up with the neatest stories out of it. We have never had a repeat story! We even liked to see who could come up with the best story from their cards. Any way we played it was a lot of fun.

I home school my kids and so I am always looking for things that are educational and fun. This really teaches my kids creative story telling and Literature and Comprehension! It is great for kids that are not home schooled too, but for me it is just a bonus! My kids have no idea they are learning so much from a game that they are just telling stories.


I really love how the tin is small enough to fit in your hand and can travel with you pretty much anywhere! I think this makes it best suited to be a stocking stuffer! Give them a great gift in their stocking or perhaps just wrap it and put it under the tree, either way I know they will love to receive this gift!

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