Small Gardenia Bonsai Tree Review

by Wren on February 19, 2013


I love having plants in the house, and I really love them if they flower. I just love the scents and taking care of them, it is almost therapeutic. My daughter loves plants as well and is very protective of them and always reminds me to water them, even if they have already been watered. She just likes to make sure.

The Soothing Company offers hundreds of soothing products for your home and office on their website. Everything from water features to bonsai trees to bean bag sofas. All things that are soothing and help you relax, and I love looking at their website and seeing what they have to offer. So many great items!


I really love their bonsai trees so was really excited to do a review on the Small Gardenia Bonsai Tree. I love that it was a tiny little tree I could keep in my house and that it would bloom from March till June! It will bring extra spring into my home. Plus taking care of a bonsai tree is said to be relaxing, and since I received it in the mail I have taken great care of it. I really do find it to be soothing. I can not wait until it blooms, those beautiful white flowers will make my home smell amazing. One neat thing about it was when I opened the box it already had an amazing smell without the flowers!

This tree is about 6′-8′ in height so it is not that big and can fit virtually anywhere. It does require a lot of sun so an area that gets sunlight is probably the best place for it. I have it in my kitchen window until we move, then I hope I can keep it there as I love having it around when I do dishes. I think it gives me something soothing to see while I do the domestic chore of dishes since my dishwasher no longer works.

This is a great item for anyone’s home that enjoys having plants in their home. There are so many to choose from that anyone could find the perfect bonsai tree for them!

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Disclosure: I received a free product from the sponsor to review. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.

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