Room on the Broom DVD & Book Review!

by Wren on August 9, 2013


So reading and watching movies is a huge thing in my home. I know, I know you shouldn’t have to much TV watching. Luckily we do not, but we take movie night very seriously. We have strict guidelines on what we watch and we all have to agree. It is no fun if you did not want to watch a particular movie and are stuck sitting there watching it. Luckily with Room on the Broom we all agreed!


My kids saw the cover and could not wait to watch it! Not just that, we read the book before hand and then seeing it on the TV made my kids even happier about the choice. I love when we can read a book and watch the movie, and it helps if it is a loveable book! With Halloween around the corner I love picking out kid friendly books and movies for my kids. I do it for every holiday, but with Halloween it is particularly hard to find things kid friendly. It may not be about Halloween story, but it is a great Halloween title! Room on the Broom has made a great addition to not just our book library, but our movie library as well!

Room on the Broom is about a loveable witch who drops things from her broom, and certain animals happen to find the items for her. In return all they want is a ride on her broom! She thinks there is room to the, and her cat is not very fond of that idea. In allowing them to ride her broom they have to eventually team up to save her when she gets in a tricky situation! It is a great story that my kids and I have read… and watched over and over. You can not help but fall love each character.

Hit up the links below to get the DVD and Book on Amazon:

Room on the Broom Book

Room on the Broom DVD

You can find the book wherever books are sold & the DVD at Target, Walmart, Toys”R”Us,, Kmart, and many other retailers!

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