Ride Along the Dinosaur Train! Book Review

by Wren on February 15, 2013


My daughter has been in love with Dinosaur Train since the first day we stumbled upon it. I think I have a budding Paleontologist in my midst. She is fascinated with every kind of Dinosaur and learns so much from Dinosaur Train. Not only is she great with each Dinosaur name but can tell me so much about each one she learns about. I love the way Dinosaur Train brings this information to her in such a fun way that makes her enjoy learning it.

She loved reading Ride Along the Dinosaur Train! She thought it an amazing book and she read it a lot. Each time I read it to her she would correct me on how I was saying the Dinosaur names, I found it to be a riot. Here I thought I was pronouncing them just fine, but not to my daughter. We went to Ankylosaurus Acres, Cretoxyrhina Coral, Deinonychus Depot, & Quetzalcoatlus Canyon. Her absolute favorite was Carla the Cretoxyrhina, she really enjoyed that episode along with the section in the book. There is a little train along the top that little ones will like pushing along to each stop on the Dinosaur Train.

I really enjoyed it and hope to find even more things Dinosaur Train for my little Paleontologist!

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