Reverse Charades Review

by Wren on November 18, 2012

In my house we value Game Nights. It is just a fun time to be together and play fun games. Recently my family was given the chance to play Reverse Charades. I was given the choice between the normal or the Junior Edition. I of course being a mommy chose the Junior Edition.

Now as you can guess it Reverse Charades is Charades in Reverse. How you ask? Well you break into teams and one person in the team will sit out and watch the rest of their team act out the word for them to guess. This is a big change from one person standing to act it out and the team guessing. I believe that this is a better choice for those who are a bit more shy.

My little girl is as shy as they come, but with Reverse Charades she had no problem standing up with me and acting out the words. Plus it is a riot to have more people acting out the same words, sometimes our ideas are VERY different. Then of course this causes us to practically roll on the floor with laughter!

The Junior Edition is very similar to the normal edition. The only difference is they removed some of the harder words and replaced them with easier words for children. It certainly makes it more fun for any kids involved, but I find myself enjoying the game fully as well!

If you love playing party games, enjoy family game night, or just enjoy making fun of your friends doing silly things. I say get yourself Reverse Charades! You can’t go wrong!

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