Regular Show: Fright Pack Review

by Wren on August 27, 2013


So some of you know how obsessed I am with Regular Show. I love it, I think it is freaking fantastic! My kids also love it and we watch it when we get a chance. We even have seasons on DVD that we put in when the moment moves us. On September 3, 2013 you can get your hands on Regular Show: Fright Pack, and it will make for a frighteningly fun Halloween show to get you in the mood for the holiday!


This is the fifth DVD to come out for Regular Show, and it is a perfect addition to your Regular Show collection! Included is their 2 part Halloween episodes “Terror Tales of the Park”, and 12 other episodes to keep you in the Frighteningly awesome mood! In the “Terror Tales of the Park” they tell scary tales on their way to a Halloween Party. This DVD makes me want to say “frighteningly” 100 more times!


  1. Terror Tales of the Park
  2. Terror Tales of the Park II
  3. Dead at Eight
  4. Jinx
  5. Grave Sights
  6. Ello Gov’nor
  7. Death Bear
  8. Skunked
  9. See You There
  10. Meat Your Maker
  11. The Best VHS in the World
  12. Dizzy
  13. Last Meal
  14. Skips’ Stress

Regular Show is about Mordecai & Rigby, who are the best of friends! They work as groundskeepers at a park owned by a pretty hip fella named Pops, and it is managed by a pretty grumpy dude Benson. Benson is always trying to fire Mordecai & Rigby. You may see him as a grumpster, but in reality he just gets tired of Mordecai & Rigby’s shenanigans in trying to get out of their boring work. Lucky for them Pops finds them completely entertaining or they would have lost their jobs long ago!


One neat tidbit of information is that their is a exclusive Toys”R”Us line for the Regular Show! I also must mention that their will be a 3DS game coming out this fall, that will coincide with the season premier of Regular Show! It can NOT get more awesome then that! You can not miss out on this amazing show and all of the neat things to come to our world… to play with! 😉

Disclosure: I received a free product from the sponsor to review. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.

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