Refuge by N.G. Osborne Review

by Wren on January 22, 2013


I love reading books, there is hardly a time I do not have my nose in a book. Though with such an active daughter it does take me a bit longer to finish them… unless I stay up late reading. I do end up staying up late for good books. Love of reading is something I have been lucky enough to pass on to my daughter, nothing like your imagination.

I recently read Refuge by N.G. Osborne. I have to say I really enjoyed reading it. You have the main characters that seem the most unlikely of people to fall in love, but against all odds they do. You watch them struggle within themselves and see how they change over time with the circumstances that are happening around them. You feel a real connection with all the characters that have a large role to play in this story. I found myself loving so many of the characters that were not even main characters at all. I was laughing and crying. Mind you this was the middle of the night, so I was very lucky I did not wake up my husband, who gets up early for work.

This book really does bring you not only a love story, but a chance to see another culture. Perhaps a view you may have never had before. I know I will be telling my friends [and all of you] about this book! It was a great read and I enjoyed it so very much. There is one spoiler I must give you… This is just book one! Though no worries, there is a second book in the works! I know I am looking forward to it!

In 1991, on a dusty, sweltering night in the seething city of Peshawar, Noor Khan, a beautiful, headstrong Afghan refugee, comes face-to-face with Charlie Matthews, a brash, young American aid worker. To Noor’s fury, Charlie breaks every cultural norm and pursues her. She wants nothing to do with him: her sole aim in life is to earn an overseas scholarship so she can escape the miseries of the refugee camps. However when Noor’s brother threatens to marry her off, she is forced to seek refuge in Charlie’s home, of all places, and suddenly everything Noor believes in is put into question.

Celeb fan base – Actress Meghan Markle ( “Suits” on USA), screenwriter Will Fetters (“Remember Me”, “The Lucky One”), Geren Ford (Fashion Designer), Emilie De Ravin (“Lost”, “Once Upon a Time” on ABC)

About the Author:
N. G. Osborne grew up in Angus, Scotland and graduated in 1995 from Oxford University with a B.A. in Politics, Philosophy & Economics. At the age of eighteen, Osborne spent twelve months as a volunteer for Project Trust working in a school and the Afghan refugee camps of Peshawar, Pakistan. This experience was the inspiration for this novel.

You can get it at iTunes or Print edition available on Amazon.

Another good bit of news, Osborne is currently shopping the rights for FILM & TV. I think it would be fantastic to see! 🙂

Disclosure: I received a free product from the sponsor to review. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.

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