Peter Pan Family Weekend!

by Wren on February 8, 2013

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Does you family need a break? Perhaps to an island where the kids are bound to have fun adventures? If your next vacation seems too far away, how about taking your family to Never Land this weekend? Think happy thoughts, add a pinch of fairy dust and check out the Peter Pan Family Weekend activities above!

For your Never Land stay you will need accommodation. Build a family fort hideout out of old wood and cardboard boxes! After your hard work, relax with Peter Pan Snacks. Sip Tinker Bell’s Perfect Pixie Nectar while munching on Captain Hook’s Honey Oat Plank Snacks. Then sit back and enjoy some entertainment played out on the Never Land Shadow Box Theater, a slideshow of Mary Blair’s concept art for the film along with bonus clips below!

Peter Pan Diamond Edition is now available on Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack!

Have a great weekend and remember, second star to the left then straight on till morning!


Bonus Clips
In the first bonus clip, Walt Disney’s daughter Diane explains how her father fell in love with Peter Pan as a boy and wanted to make it his second feature after Snow White but had to wait 10 years for animation techniques to evolve to be able to make the film. The second bonus clip comes from Ted Thomas’ Featurette Growing Up with Nine Old Men about Disney’s original 9 Old Men. The clip features some of the children of the 9 Old Men talking about what treasures and trinkets their fathers kept in their pockets.

Bonus Clip: Pocket Full of Surprises

Bonus Clip: Diane Disney Miller Introduction

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