Pajanimals Pajama Party Review

by Wren on August 3, 2013


As a mother I love anything that helps my kids learn new things. When we watch TV and other things I want to to have a message or some educational purpose. Pajanimals really does do that for my kids and I love the messages it sends. Teaching them how to handle certain social settings. It could be how to share with your friends, making sure you tell the truth, and helping you get past being shy.

I really love the characters and how loveable they are. They make my kids want to hug them and never let go! So it is easier for them to really associate what is going on and perhaps put it into practice. So when we got the DVD Pajama Time we were all excited and could not wait to put it in the DVD player, I can not tell you how many times we watched it. You can buy it at &

Included are 5 stories & 6 loveable songs. It will keep your kids entertained while sending a message to them that any parent would love! I love that it teaches about birthdays and why they are so special.


Speaking about birthday parties, have y’all heard about the new Pajanimal Party Supplies? They are stinking adorable and if your little ones love them as much as mine, you may want to check them out for their next birthday party! You can also get those at! I can not wait for my baby’s birthday to use them for the party! It will be a complete hit!

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