Moolah The Money Savvy Cow Review

by Wren on November 22, 2013


So the holidays are coming and it is time to find great gifts for anyone! Kids are sometimes hard to shop for, but each kid could really use something that will teach them something. I know as a kid it is hard to understand how to properly use your money. Saving, Donating and Investing are things most people learn as an adult. Imagine if their was an easier way for kids to learn that at a younger age!


Money Savvy Generation has the answer for that and I got a chance to show my daughter that with Moolah The Money Savvy Cow! We are a huge fan of cows in this house and as the typical Money Savvy bank is a pig I just could not pass up the cow! So we received him in the mail and I sat him on my daughters dresser. My daughter loves to move him around the room, but each time she made a few bucks or found some change she would bring Moolah to me and we would decide where best to put the money.


She really enjoyed it and it was great thinking of things to save up for or things she wanted to buy in the near future. She learned real fast the expensive things you had to save up for. This was a great way also for me to start giving her an allowance and teaching her that she gets paid for a job she actually does. I decided a solid amount at the end of the week was not a good plan, what if she missed a job or just skipped a day or so of chores? She should be paid by what she does. She quickly learned that and she decided that it was best to just do her chores when she was supposed to, it meant more money in Moolah.


Moolah not only got my daughter to learn responsibility with her chores, but it also is teaching her responsibility with money. That is something I did not learn till I was older and I love that with this she can learn so much! I plan to get one for each of my children as they grow into the age of chores. Learning this responsibility is a gift on its own and I am so proud of my daughter as she learns these things. It is simply priceless!

So this holiday think of something that is great for anyone, Moolah The Money Savvy Cow! There are other banks to choose from too and it makes a great gift to put under the tree!

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Disclosure: I received a free product from the sponsor to review. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.

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