Mars: War Logs Coming Spring 2013

by Wren on January 14, 2013


Does not seem like it will be long before we get our hands on Mars: War Logs! It looks like a fantastic game with a great story line. I also love games that have our choices make a difference for the game. Makes it seem more realistic and of course brings me back to a game again and again!


This fantastic RPG is developed by Spiders and published by Focus Home Interactive. It is developed for Xbox, PS3, & PC.


Mars: War Logs follows one man by the name of Roy Temperance he is a renegade with many talents. We are plunged into a cyberpunk RPG on Mars with lots of action. You are able to customize your own playstyle as you level Roy and his skills. It makes the combat fit your play-style, another thing I love about games. There is also a crafting system that gives you an edge on the creatures of Mars.


Your dialog choices, actions, and decisions will influence what happens to the people Roy crosses… and perhaps every colony on Mars!

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