Maddyloo Ornament Review

by Wren on November 20, 2013


There are a lot of fun things to use to trim for the holidays. I spend a lot of time on holiday trimmings, I want to just have my whole house feel like Christmas. So I am always looking for new things that can be used for trimming up the holidays. I think it is even better when things you use to decorate with you can then gift! Who does not love a pretty gift?


Ornaments are a big thing in my family. I love being able to decorate my tree and find the best ornaments for it. Of course my tree is a hodgepodge of sentimental ornaments. Maddyloo make neat fashionable hair ties and they make Large Ornaments with them! They are really cute and they do them in certain colors that look so neat! I really loved Paradise as it is so bright and fun, but the traditional one with holiday colors is probably my second favorite for the holiday.


The great thign is they brighten up my tree and then I can gift them as well, or you can put them in stockings! I like the idea of giving them away after a party or after all the presents have been given. Just keeps the festivities going. My daughters loved the beautiful hair ties and we now use them often.


So you get a decoration and hair ties all in one! Who could not love it? My girls loved it and I have friends who thought it was such a neat idea and really enjoyed the hair ties as well. I look forward to having my tree loaded with a lot of these ornaments to gift to my friends and family!

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