Loop Rope Review

by Wren on October 22, 2013


So holidays are coming, but they always manage to sneak up on me. I think this time I just might be prepared! Yes, I was crossing my fingers while knocking on wood for that one. I just always have a hard time finding that perfect gift for someone and I end up going out the week before Christmas to get it. I think this is why I love putting together Gift Guides, because it helps people like me!


I have a gift for just about anyone! I would really love this gift, it is versatile for just about any use! I know when I go camping this upcoming summer I am going to make sure this is packed along, or holding everything down on the way. Not to mention just going to get my Christmas tree, I will use this! What is it? Oh yea! Loop Rope! So this rope is freaking fantastic! It has so many uses. You can tie something down in your truck, tie up some folding chairs in the garage, or use it as a durable leash for your dog! The uses for it are simply endless!

I love how even a novice like me can secure things with the loop rope. You can use the loops to go around certain parts of an object to hold them down while holding down the actual object, and it can adjust to virtually any length. It is hard to explain, but to use it is really quiet easy. I was able to secure some things in my garage with the 5′ Loop Rope, as the place is packed full of stuff since we moved in. I have not been able to cleaning it out, but when I do I know Loop Rope will keep what I have tied down secure.


Now, I am pretty sure Ive told you all I love stocking stuffers… Loop Clips make excellent stocking stuffers! These things are awesome. I was hanging up some Halloween decorations and I could not for the life of me get anything to work, I think the scary guy was too heavy. So I grabbed these and everything went up easily & it was very secure! The Loop Clips are holding strong and I didn’t have to hurt myself to get them in place. Really easy! They also work really great with the Loop Rope, which come with some.

I think if you camp a lot, move things in your vehicles often, or really for anything that needs tied down, it is great for you! So I recommend wrapping up a Loop Rope this Christmas for the people in your life and maybe stuffing a few Loop Clips in their stocking too! They sure do come in handy!

You want a chance to win a Loop Rope of your very own? Check back soon for a Giveaway!

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