Little Red Wagon App Review

by Wren on February 18, 2013


Since I got my iPad for Christmas I have only spent a small amount of time with it. Once my daughter learned there are awesome games and things, she kept sneaking off with it to play. So I am always on the look out for games that she will like and are in her age range.


A recent release called Little Red Wagon, is adorably done! The game takes you in the world of illustrations done by Julianna Bright along with her music. You get to go around meeting animals and getting things for the picnic, which is at the end of the game. I downloaded it, but was waiting for the right time to sit my kid down and watch her play it. Sadly she was off playing it for a while before I caught her, tricky little girl I have. So I asked her what she thought, and she really loved the song and the animals in the game. We have been listening to the Cat Doorman album a lot lately, mostly in the car, and she was thrilled to sing along to one of her favorite songs while playing the game.


So once she was finished playing I decided to take a turn and just get a feel for it. I really loved that you got to choose which version you wanted to hear while playing Guitar, Piano, or the full band. Then it is just listening to the song and collecting things from a dairy, orchard, garden, and bakery. I thought the illustrations were great for kids and I too loved the animals as my daughter did.


Check out other apps done by Night & Day Studios, so many are just adorable and great for kids!

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