Little Pim German Discovery Set Review

by Wren on November 15, 2013


I sometimes struggle with buying gifts for little ones. They tend to enjoy what I wrapped it in more then the gift I bought. Though I am sure most people struggle with getting gifts better then the box! So I try to aim at presents that they may not appreciate more then the wrapping paper at the time, but will also give them hours of enjoyment later. Possibly even teach them something they will appreciate later in life!


I struggled so much with learning German my freshman year in high school. I wanted to learn German so badly, as I planned [and still do] to take a trip to Germany. I wanted my girls to have a head start on learning a foreign language, but where to start? My suggestion is with Little Pim, my girls and I simply love the German Discovery Set.

Included in the set is 3 DVDs [Eating and Drinking, Waking Up Smiling & Playtime], Little Pim plush [Panda], & Little Pim Poster. Each DVD has 7 episodes at a length of 5 minutes long, it makes them short enough to enjoy for little minds that like to bounce around. The Plush is rally soft and its bottom has beans in it. I really enjoy how the poster tells the different ways in which you can say hello.

My oldest is just a bit older then the recommend years of 0-5, but she watched it with me and her baby sister. We all really enjoyed it and took a few words away. She thought it was neat to know that the same word she uses for something can be a different word somewhere else, but mean the same exact thing! I think it got her excited in wanting to learn a new language, but I believe we will have to find something aimed more at her age group.

The baby and I have watched it daily since then and she seems to really enjoy watching each episode. I love that they are short, but full of great words. It gives her something to watch that she enjoys fully for those 5 minutes, but not too long where she starts wandering off looking for something else that will fit in her mouth.

Learning a new language is something much harder for us as we grow older, so incorporating it into our children as they are young will help them to grasp new languages much faster. It will help them travel the world and nothing can really stop them! I can not wait for my someday dream of taking my family to Germany, and us being able to go about and understand the different people we meet!

Why stop at one language? I don’t plan on it, and luckily with Little Pim you have so many options:

So many options for your little ones! Both of my daughters have been engaged in Little Pim and I want to continue to nurture that! Once we run through the German DVDs we will pick another! I have enjoyed learning new words myself and I am an adult, but I am also used to watching little kid movies all day long. I think my mind is trained to enjoy them and pick up on when something will engage my children or not.

Little Pim is something I plan to use with all of my children and help their minds to grow, not just that I open their world to endless possibilities thanks to Little Pim!

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