Laser Maze Review

by Wren on August 27, 2013


My family is a gamer family. We play board games and video games, and make-believe games. Come to think of it, any game is a game we play regardless of rules. I am always looking for games that will challenge the mind but is fun at the same time. ThinkFun does that with all of its game. Each is a brain exercise while having a good ‘ol time!

Recently I played Laser Maze and it was a lot of fun. It totally tested me mind and my husband and I took turns picking a card and trying to get the laser to go from one end of the board to the other. It was a challenge and my oldest daughter saw us playing it and she decided she wanted a go at it. We picked a less challenging card for her, and in no time at all she was able to get it to go from one end to the other. Now saying this, she is only 7 and the game is intended for 7+. We were very proud of her being able to do all of that!

So the idea of the game is to take a card and place the game pieces down where it says to, and then you have to get the beam to hit each one and get it to the end piece. It is very challenging and at moments I was sorta frustrated, but never enough to quit. I just KNEW I could get the beam where it needed to go. Laser Maze really caused a couple of hours of fun in my house with us all taking turns.

This is a single player game, so we just took turns with drawing a card and when one person was finished we had another do it. We also started playing Girls against Boys when the cards got too challenging for my 7 year old. Either way it was a lot of fun for all those involved!

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