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by Wren on April 15, 2013

About Author: Marie Sumner never grew out of playing dress-up. She writes to share her passion and offer advice to others regarding costumes for Halloween, anime conventions, renaissance fairs, and other fun dress-up events.

Half the fun of anime conventions and other cosplay events is seeing all of the awesome costumes. And of course, kids get enough attention when they’re wearing normal clothes, so dress them up and you’re going to have people blubbering about how adorable they are.

Costumes can be expensive though, and kids aren’t known for taking care of outfits wonderfully. Below are some pictures of child cosplays with some tips on how to save money and hassle on cosplay costumes for your children.

Tip 1: Go for easily recognizable


The more popular and easily recognized your character is, the less work you’ll have to put in for a great costume. Go for characters with specific-colored outfits, defining features, or easy to spot logos (like Superman).

A great example is the Link cosplay in the photo above. Dressed in all green, with a cardboard shield sporting the triforce, this boy is obviously Link from the Zelda video games. I personally would have hunted for green tights, but the great thing about costumes is that you can go as detail-oriented as you want. Perfection isn’t an issue. The goal is that your child is having a great time dressing up.

Tip 2: Recycle Something Old


You don’t have to go out and buy a brand new costume every time you want to take your child cosplaying or send them to a costume party. The picture above likely uses an old superman Halloween costume. The shade of the skirt implies that that was from a separate costume or was just what they could find. By adding the zombie makeup, the parents transformed their daughter from a plain old supergirl to a super zombie that everyone would remember.

This is where being thrifty will really help you out. Old costumes, clothes, and accessories can be mixed and matched to invent something creative and new. If you can sew, all the better, but if not, there are tons of tutorials and tips for the not-so-crafty on sites like Pinterest.

Tip 3: Don’t be afraid of Simple


A lot of children’s show and game characters have one or two very definable features. This will often center around their clothing. In the Hello Kitty book series, all the family members look exactly the same, but you can tell them apart from the colors of the bows on their heads.

The 3 girls above might not be recognized as the powerpuff girls individually, but together, they are unmistakeable. All each needed was a dress, white tights, and black shoes. If they  weren’t planning on sticking together all day, this is a situation where I might even advocate a nametag or something in the center of their shirt stating their character’s name.

So if you want to give your child ideas to express their interests and imaginations through cosplay but don’t want to break the bank doing it, take these ideas into account. Sit down with your child and write a list of their favorite characters. Then note what the defining features of those characters are and build costumes around those.

Link -photo credit: wizzer2801 via photopin cc
Zombie supergirl- photo credit: Pop Culture Geek via photopin cc
Powerpuff Girls photo credit: greyloch via photopin cc

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