Jenga Boom Game Review

by Wren on February 24, 2013


Here in my home we take our gaming pretty seriously, at least when it is my husband and I going head to head. We have a lot of fun, and he is always on the lookout for games that he can beat me at. So far I am still the reigning champ and I intend to keep it that way!


We tried out Jenga Boom recently and found that we loved it. It takes one of our old favorites and adds a neat twist to it. So instead of my husband taking 3 hours to make one move, he has to do it quickly or lose if Jenga goes BOOM! I love that it makes you move quickly and gets you in the groove. So we played it several times and had us laughing the whole time, lots of fun.

The new Jenga Boom game is an explosion of fun! The edge-of-your-seat action is taken to the next level with a ticking-timer-exploding platform underneath the tower of blocks. Players now have to rush to push, pull, and stack the blocks without knocking over the tower. Just be sure you make your move before the platform blows!

Ages 6 and up.
1+ players
Actual product does not explode.


  • 36 hardwood Jenga blocks
  • toy detonator
  • stacking sleeve with instructions.


  • Toy detonator gets your heart racing!
  • Check out the fuse and the ticking mechanical timer.
  • The Explosive JENGA Tower!
  • Start the timer, and stack the blocks on top of the tower— fast!
  • The platform drops and the blocks fly.
  • Exciting, suspenseful action!
  • Speed, skill, and strategy keep you in the game.
  • Challenge yourself or play with your friends.

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