Glass Dharma The Original Glass Straw Review

by Wren on October 22, 2013


With the waste in our daily lives so high and the possibility of getting sick from daily things we use, I am always looking in ways to cut down both in my home. I want my children to be happy and healthy and the world we live in to still be a great place for generations to come! My daughter loves straws and I always hated using the disposable plastic ones so moved to a hard plastic one, but with all the chemicals and such in plastic I was not really fond of that idea either.

Decorative Dots Blue

Recently my family started using Glass Dharma, they are glass straws. I was a bit skeptical about my daughter using glass straws, but these are amazing durable! They are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed and come with a Lifetime Guarantee Against Breakage. So if they do happen to break they are completely covered always.

There is one neat bit of information about these glass straws, they are hand made here in the USA. I love supporting American businesses and one that is concerned about the waste in the world and the plastic chemicals getting into our bodies! I think it is great.

There are many different kinds of Glass Straws and in different sizes depending on what you are drinking or your own straw preference. Simple Elegance, Decorative Dots & Beautiful Bends are the different kinds of straws and I like each one.

Simple Elegance

Simple Elegance is just a straight glass straw. It works great with everything I have tried and is just like a normal straw, but not made of plastic!

Decorative Dots Red

Decorative Dots has cute little dots on the end of the straw giving it a neat look! They come in different colors and are a fun way to decorate your drink!


Beautiful Bends is just like a bendy straw! It gives you that bend so you can drink from the side instead of the top.

I think each is beautiful and I have not had one break and I can even throw them in the dishwasher! For those hard to clean spots they also sell straw cleaners in the different sizes to fit the different straw sizes. This is a great product for any home that loves straws without all the negatives that come with plastic!

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