GIANT Microbes Review

by Wren on October 22, 2013


When thinking about the holidays I am always thinking of what kind of neat things can I find to stuff stockings with! I have quiet a few stockings over the holidays as we typically have family come out and I love to include them in the stocking part of the morning. Some years it is harder than others so I am on the lookout for things, even when it is not remotely close to the holidays.

I found probably the cutest way to learn about science and health with GIANT Microbes. They are stinking adorable, even the worst ones. Let us also remember they are educational, and that is a huge plus for the kids. Some of them I would even include as a gag gift in their stocking or under the tree. They can bring all sorts of joy to the young and old. They are great for even gifts to nurses, doctors and teachers.


I got the opportunity to review the GIANT Microbe Brain Cell (Neuron). This little guy almost looked like an elephant, which is probably a good thing since they are linked with being wise! He has adorable eyes and I fell in love with him, and so did my daughter. In that also I was able to read to her the card that is attached to him and explain all about brain cells and their job. She thought he did a great thing in her own brain and loved him even more for it I think. It was also neat to learn he was 1,000,000x + the actual size of an actual brain cell.

They have several different kinds Health, Calamities, Venereals, Aerials, Ambulatories, Maladies, Critters, Ailmentaries, Menageries, Exotics, Aquatics, Corporeals, Tropicals and Infirmaries. There are also loads of merchandise to check out that will give you great ideas for different gift giving ideas and they also have T-shirts and Keychains!

I am looking forward in stuffing my daughter’s stocking with GIANT Microbes that will go with her science lessons this year! Plus a few things for the rest of the family!

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Disclosure: I received a free product from the sponsor to review. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.

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