Fun in the Sun: Sensational Family Getaways On a Budget

by Wren on March 10, 2013

From the sparkling waters of the Caribbean to the excitement of European hotspots such as Cannes and Barcelona, traveling the globe together as a family can be a sensational way to enjoy one another’s company. Unfortunately, traveling can also prove incredibly expensive, leading many families to nix their vacation plans outright. While certain costs are hard to keep down, such as airfare or hotel bills, there are many discretionary expenses that can be drastically reduced or even eliminated outright. If you are eager to explore the world as a family and keep your pocketbook intact, consider some of the following tips to start planning off on the right foot.

Booking Inexpensive Accommodation

When it comes to booking accommodation, finding an inexpensive hotel room can prove nearly impossible. Rather than throwing in the towel, it may be worth considering travel alternatives. For example, rather than staying at a traditional hotel, why not instead rent a temporary apartment or small home? Many landlords around the world make such accommodation options available on a nightly or weekly basis.

Renting an apartment is not only a viable alternative to pricey hotel rooms, but it can help keep costs like food and entertainment low as well. Instead of heading out to an expensive restaurant every evening, why not take advantage of a full kitchen, equipped with proper appliances, cookware and dishes? Entertainment is also made easy in one of these comfortable destinations, as many apartments and houses have televisions, game consoles and DVD players.

Traveling Off the Beaten Path

While there is something to be said for traveling to the crowded beaches of Cancun or the busy streets of Sydney, exploring life far from the busy metropolises of the world can also be an enjoyable way to share time together as a family. Instead of booking a vacation in an expensive city that is not particularly kid-friendly, why not instead venture to the countryside and enjoy a stay in a quaint village? Not only do these vacations tend to be much less expensive, but the laid back atmosphere of a quiet destination is often ideal for a stress-free holiday with the kids in tow.

Exploring Vacation Packages and Deals

From the accommodation to the food, vacations have a way of spiraling out of control, with travelers often spending more on their spectacular getaway than they had originally planned. One simple way to avoid this situation is to choose a package vacation deal. Often available from travel agents or well-established resorts, packages bundle together the everyday costs of travel under the all-inclusive umbrella. For travelers who worry about spending too much on vacation, these options can help set a well-defined budget before ever leaving home. In addition to proving useful for planning purposes, packages can also represent a significant savings over booking all of the elements of a family vacation individually.

Whether embarking on a weekend excursion or spending several weeks traveling together as a family, keeping the financial commitment of a vacation in check is an important step in ensuring a seamless holiday. Rather than throwing caution to the wind and racking up debt to go on vacation together, it is worth investing the time and energy exploring alternatives and cost-saving measures that can make the ubiquitous family vacation a much more affordable option. By paying close attention to detail and considering a myriad of different destinations, any family should be able to find a vacation solution that fits their unique budget and personal interests.

About Author: This article was written by Kevin Caldwell who is a creative writer for San Francisco Hotel Guides. Kevin travels often and writes about his experiences and tries to give the best advice he can to other travelers. You can connect with Kevin on Google+ to learn more about him.

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