Five Of The Best Bingo Apps

by Wren on February 19, 2013

Bingo is no longer a game that has to be exclusively played in bingo halls.  An increasing number of people are getting to grips with this easy, popular game by playing it on the internet and downloading apps to play on their computer or mobile phone.  Here are five great bingo apps that are worth checking out.

X Factor Bingo

Fans of the popular X Factor television series will love this app.  Based on the show, this 90 ball bingo game requires you to select a contestant.  If they’re still in the game after the full house prize has been won, then you get a share of the X Factor feature prize.  The app also includes progressive jackpots and free scratchcard games.

The game can be downloaded to your iPhone or iPad, or exisiting Mecca customers can login to the website and play it online.

Download the app here:

Buzzword Bingo

This free app is designed to help make meetings at work a little more interesting.  The idea is that the bingo card is used to mark off corporate jargon words commonly used by members of staff.  It’s a bit different to your average bingo game, but it should keep you and your colleagues entertained.

This app can be downloaded from iTunes and can be played on an iPad.

Find it here at:

Moobile Games is the leading provider of bingo apps for mobile phones, Android and the iPhone.  You can download the games from the website when you set up an account online.

There are nine games on offer for Android and iPhone users, and a further ten games for other mobile phones.  Check out Sweet Treats, Filthy Rich, Disco Dollars and Loopy Lotto – just a few of the great games on offer.

Once you join up, you will be credited with five pounds, so you can test some of the games out to see which you like.

Go to the following link to find out more:

Britain’s Got Talent Bingo

Based on another popular TV series, the Britain’s Got Talent Bingo app is a firm favourite to play on your iPhone if you’re a fan of this show.  You can play this game to win jackpots and prizes, as well as have the opportunity to chat with friends online or on their mobiles, who are also playing it as well.

Existing Mecca customers can go online and play this game via the website using their account details.

Go to the following link for more details:

Lucky Bingo

This app is available for Android phones and lets you play three bingo games all in one.  It’s an easy app to get to grips with and you have the chance of winning Lucky Bingo Lucky Coins.

There is also Live Action Bingo where you can play against other players, at any time or day of the week.

Painfully Slow Bingo is a daily game with big jackpots, where players have to check in each day to check the balls drawn.

Download the app here:

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