Finding Nemo Collector’s Edition Review

by Wren on December 7, 2012

In 2003 my husband and I moved in together, this was before we married. When we moved in together we had pretty much nothing, not a DVD to our names. The very first DVD we ever bought was Finding Nemo, yea talk about 2 adults buying a kids movie. It was a movie we watched again and again.

On December 4th Finding Nemo came out on DVD AGAIN, Finding Nemo Collector’s Edition! I was beyond excited about this, and had to have it! You may think it is silly, but I have a growing Blu-Ray collection and it NEEDS Finding Nemo… no really!  I put it in and watched it and was amazed at how amazing it looked in Blu-Ray. The colors are amazing and it really pops! I was amazed at the detail I had been missing.

For those of you who have not watched the movie, I will try not to give to many spoilers away. It is about a Father & Son who struggle to work together. Marlin is overprotective of his son as he suffered a great tragedy and Nemo has a handicap. The over smothering causes Nemo to rebel and in so doing Nemo ends up being fish-napped and is in great Danger.

Watching Marlin comb the ocean for his son is heartwarming. He makes many new friends along the way, many of them are unlikely. Nemo is also making friends of his own, but he wishes he was still with his Dad. It is about them growing as individuals and seeing things in a new way!

I laughed and cried through it all and I am so glad to have Finding Nemo Collector’s Edition! So seriously… get your copy today! 🙂

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