DIY Closet Organisation

by Wren on April 2, 2013

It’s easy to throw things in your closet, close the door and not worry about it.  But, as the clutter grows and the disorganisation takes over, it can make finding the required clothes and personal items a complete nightmare.  Here’s how to keep your closet clutter-free and on top form, so searching for the things you need is a pain-free experience.

Start from the beginning

If your closet is in need of some serious attention, but you’re struggling to fathom where to start, well the answer is, start from scratch: take everything out of your closet, so you can totally assess the situation.  Whilst you’ve got the chance, give the inside of your closet a good dust down and vacuum.  Sort the items you’ve taken out into piles – those things you wear regularly, those things for special occasions, and those things that you don’t wear very often or no longer fit.  For the latter group, it’s worth either storing the items away (if you still want to keep any), or being brutal, and bagging the items up for the local charity shop.

Assess your closet space

Now that your closet space is laid bare, assess if you are making the most of the space.  Is there any changes you might want to make to it, before you start putting items back in?  Could you add shelving anywhere?  What about the sides of the doors, could they be adapted to storage space?  See if there are any ways you can revamp the closet to improve the layout.  Don’t just think of closet space in terms of racks or shelves of clothes, think of other ways that you can add things to the space.  Incorporate bags, boxes, footwear, etc, if you can find a small niche for them.

Sort clothes

Now that you’ve decided how you’re going to make the best use of your closet space, it’s time to start putting clothes back in.  Sort your clothes into appropriate piles, so that they are organised.  For example, items for special occasions shouldn’t take prime space in your closet – if they can’t be stored elsewhere, eg, in a spare bedroom or storage boxes, at least keep them together, and to the far end of the closet.  The central space in the closet should be reserved for your every day clothes.  Hang them neatly and orderly, for example, either by type, eg, trousers, skirts, shirts, jumpers, etc or by colour – whatever suits you best.  Find innovative ways of storing items such as scarves and ties, either on the back of the closet or on large round hooks.  The aim of the exercise is to ensure that your clothes are accessible and you create a system that is easy to understand and maintain; because once you’ve got your closet organised, the goal is to try and keep it that way.

Make it look nice

DIY closet organisation doesn’t have to be a bind, or an uncreative chore.  In fact, there’s no reason why your closet shouldn’t look as stylish as the clothes that you have in it.  You could choose to paint the inside vibrant colours, or decorate with alluring wallpaper.  Pick out colourful little storage boxes to go on closet shelves to house small garments such as underwear or socks.  And if your closet space is tight and limited, then consider making a new closet space by utilising area on the wall.  For example, you could fix an array of different sized shelves across the wall and store your clothes on them, in a neat, tidy and colourful manner.

About Author: This guest post was written by the team at UK Oak Doors – the home of quality solid oak doors.

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