Dinosaurs A to Z Book Review

by Wren on July 7, 2013

Dinosaur Train Dinosaurs A to Z 300 dpi

I know I have said it loads of times, but it still remains true… My Daughter LOVES Dinosaur Train. I swear she is a little Paleontologist in training! She knows the names better then I do and can tell me all sorts of things about dinosaurs I did not know. It is one of the reasons I let her watch it, it is VERY educational.

Recently we got to read Dinosaurs A to Z from Random House, and my daughter was in love. Not only that I loved it too! We sit down and read it almost every night. What I loved most about it was it helps you to pronounce the dinosaur names correctly. I really need that as my daughter likes to correct me if I do not say them right. There were a few dinosaurs in there she had never heard of and was so excited to get a chance to learn about where they lived, what they ate, and what they looked like.

As the book says Dinosaurs A to Z, so there is one dinosaur for every letter in the alphabet. I found that to be really interesting and probably one of the main reasons you learn about new Dinosaurs. I loved that we got this just in time to watch the Dinosaur A to Z special on PBS! It airs on July 8th and 9th, so don’t miss it! It is part of the PBS Kids Summer Initiative! I think it is great that they want to keep the kids learning even during the summer.

To get some practice before the show check out the music video above and print off the song sheet to help you pronounce the names of the dinosaurs while you watch with your kids. Trust me when I say, “You will need it!”.

So this summer we have enjoyed reading about the dinosaurs and doing other educational stuff, just because it is summer does not mean they need to stop learning. Brains off make for dusty brains when the school year starts up again!

I really recommend that you get Dinosaurs A to Z for your little Paleontologist! It will help to keep their minds sharp and also keep them learning about something they really love, and that is always half the battle!

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