Dinosaur Train: Dinosaurs A to Z Review

by Wren on December 1, 2012

Dinosaur Train is an amazing show, one I allow my daughter to watch when she wishes. I find it has been super educational to her and she has learned so much about dinosaur. At anytime you can ask her a dinosaur question and she can usually answer it if it’s been on Dinosaur Train. She can also sing the Theme Song to you whenever you ask.

Receiving Dinosaur Train: Dinosaurs A to Z was something I was beyond thrilled about, and so was my daughter. So we immediately put it in the DVD player and began to watch it. She was in love I cannot even count how many times she watched it. It kept her entertained and even had a bonus holiday episode which had her even more excited, as we have been decorating for Christmas.

In Dinosaur Train: Dinosaurs A to Z, Buddy, Tiny, & Mom round up 26 dinosaurs, A to Z, for a picnic at Toodon Town! You follow Buddy, Tiny, & Mom as they meet new dinosaurs and get to visit with dinosaurs they have met before. You also get to find out the classification of all 26 dinosaurs! Something I was very excited about.

Then the bonus holiday episode is called Solstice Time. The Pterodon family head up to the North Pole and end up getting to see the “Festival of Lights” It is a festival that the Troodons take part in every year. While waiting for night the kids put on a Ice Skating show for Mom & Dad! Then they even ice skate under the lights.

This is a DVD your whole family will love to watch together and your kids are able to learn about their favorite dinosaurs!

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Disclosure: I received a free product from the sponsor to review. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.

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