Computer Virus Dolls Review

by Wren on October 22, 2013


With the Holidays coming I am always looking for awesome stocking stuffers. So I have found the perfect stocking stuffer or possibly gift for the computer lovers in your life! Computer Virus Dolls are cute little dolls that depict computer viruses. This is even great for people who want to learn about different computer viruses.

There is Trojan, Malware, Worm & Virus that you can get. Each have their binary code  on the tag of the doll, its name in zeros and ones! Each is well crafted and have the description of the virus on the removable tag. I think they are really neat and give you a visual of what the virus might look like.


I reviewed Worm and he is sorta cute, in a malicious virus sort of way. I loved that his removable tags told me all about what he does to a computer when he infects it. He looks like he just gobbles everything up! My kids loved him and even though in my computer he is awful, in our home as a stuffed little guy he is loved!


If you love the idea of the dolls another great stocking stuffer would be the Computer Virus Digits. They are key chain versions of the dolls and are just as cute and have the description of the virus on the back of the card it is attached to. They clip right on your keys or anything else you could possibly clip it too. It makes a neat decoration. I now have Malware infecting my car keys and I simply adore him!

I love these as they are educational and down right awesome for anyone to have that enjoys  computers!

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