Beecology with Lavender Review

by Wren on February 12, 2013


I love using new kinds of beauty products. I am on the look out all the time for great smells, and great products for the environment. I am a sucker for it, my husband of course really dislikes this. Simply for the fact that he likes to buy me that kind of stuff for special occasions, but with my ever changing mind it makes it a bit hard on him.

Recently I stumbled upon a company called Beecology. This stuff is great, all natural! A huge selling factor for me, I like knowing the things I am using and being able to pronounce the ingredients! One other great factor about this company is that 10% of all profits made go to charity. One great bit about that, you can even go to and choose from a list for your 10% to go to. I really like that. Not only is this company great with the environment, but does well in the community as well. I also love how it is a family ran business and everything is made here in the USA, Ohio in fact. I grew up in Ohio so that was a great bit of info for me!

I got to try 4 great products and all had the smell of Lavender in it, to help me relax. So much going on in my life at the moment it is great to have a little relaxing pampering going on in my down time.


Moisturizing Lavendar with Bergamot Body Wash! Let me just say, this stuff smells fantastic! You shake it up before each use, and put it liberally on your loofah, poof, or washcloth. It felt amazing and left my skin feeling clean, and of course I felt relaxed. I can not get enough of this stuff!


Handcrafted Natural Soaps, I tried out the Relaxing Lavender with Honey Soap. Again another great product from Beecology. The smell was intoxicating and I love that it is handcrafted. It left my skin feeling amazing and clean. I usually do not use bar soaps, but I was not disappointed.


Original Honey Hand & Body Cream in Relaxing Lavender with a Touch of Bergamot. You can use this pretty much whenever, but I chose to use it before I went to bed. I would put it on my arms, legs, and hands. It actually helped me to unwind and get some much needed sleep. When I woke up my skin felt amazingly soft, even my husband noticed.


Lemon & Lavender Lip Balm was the final product I tried out. I am crazy about lip balms and really anything that can help my lips out. I just love the soft feeling and with this Lip Balm it gives me a tiny kick of relaxation with the Lavender and also leaves my lips feeling amazing. Even after it would wear off my lips still felt soft, and I loved that!

Beecology has an amazing line of products that are great for your body and the environment. I think it is worth it for all of you to try it out and give it your own test drive, you will not be disappointed!

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Disclosure: I received a free product from the sponsor to review. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.

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