Beauty Bursts Soft Chews Fruit Punch Review

by Wren on October 22, 2013


We have the holiday seasons just around the corner and I am always on the lookout for stocking stuffers that fit peoples personalities. If you know someone who is all about vitamin supplements or are always looking for ways to improve the look of their skin, nails & hair, than stuffing their stocking with Beauty Bursts Soft Chews by NeoCell is a great choice!


As we age our skin can look less radiant and our hair & nails become brittle. Wouldn’t we all love a magic cure-all to make us look and feel more beautiful? I for one am on board with that! I recently started using Beauty Bursts Soft Chews with the flavor of Fruit Punch. Did I happen to mention they also come in Chocolate? I imagine they have to be just as delicious as the fruit punch. One thing that really got me sold on the Beauty Bursts was that they are Gluten, Soy, Palm Oil & Artificial free! No one wants to better their body and put all they junk in their system. I recently found out I am gluten sensitive so these became something of a novelty for me, there are so many things on the market packed with gluten and they do not even bother to mention it.

The Beauty Burst are packed with so many great things to help the look of your skin and hair. Collagen to firm and smooth skin and helps have strong hair and nails! You also have Hyaluronic Acid to help hydrate and renew your skin. So many things to just help you look fantastic from the inside out!

I recently started using them and have noticed my skin looking smoother and my hair and nails are not breaking as easily. I will continue to use this as I am loving the effects of it already! You can also check out some before and after pictures for yourselves!

So when thinking of a gift this year or even wanting to try something new for yourself, than think about Beauty Bursts. They will help your body from the inside out and you will love the changes on the outside, but don’t forget it is benefiting more than just the outside. Beauty from the inside out!

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