Bayonetta 2 Preview

by Wren on February 12, 2013

Bayonetta 2 is second part of the game franchise Bayonetta developed by platinum games and sold by Nintendo. This exciting gameis known for its unique for its storytelling and lots of action.

The story so far

Bayonetta, real name Cereza, is coquettish witch who wakes up after a 500 year slumber to find things have changed. She is awakened from her slumber by Antonio Redgrave and his son Luka. Bayonetta like anybody would after staying underground for 500 years sets out to learn the truth of her past.

She is helped by Rodin, her friend, weapon smith and informant. Bayonetta learns that she is the key element in the revival of Jubileus, The Creator. She has innumerable run-ins with Father Balder. She finds out that she is Rosa’s child, an Umbra Witch, and the last Lumen Sage alive, Father Balder.

During the course of her search she encounters several enemies. Antonio Redgrave, her savior, turns out to be a turncoat. He pursues her with the intent of causing her great harm. Cereza is herself only younger, who is in the payroll of Father Balder.

Bayonetta defeats Father Balder and Jeanne (under the mind control of father Balder) learns about her past. But as she regains her memories she falls unconscious. Father Balder gets up and carries her in front of the statue of Jubileus in order to bring the Creator back to life. Fortunately Jeanne wakes up from the spell cast on her by Father Balder and helps Bayonetta break free from Father Balder clutches. Father Balder is trapped in the statue as Bayonetta breaks free.

Finally Bayonetta defeats the Creator and returns to Earth where she is presumed dead.


Bayonetta is an expert in the dark arts. She is also an expert in hand to hand combat, knives and guns. Her armory of weapons include handguns, Onyx Roses, Shuraba, Kulshedra, Durga, Odette, Lt. Col Kilgore, Sai Fung, and Rodin. She is also able to call Sheeba to her rescue during the final battle.

What’s new?

The big difference is that Bayonetta 2  is available on Wii U. The earlier version was available on Wii on PS3 and Xbox 360. This will come as a surprise for older users but Sega and Platinum have their own reasons. Nintendo is a good platform for Bayonetta 2 because it keeps the franchise alive at a time when console run games are in the doldrums. Sega is also not doing well and was not in a position to launch second part of the franchise. Not too long ago it was feared that Platinum would dump the franchise but thanks to Nintendo that has not happened. Fans of Bayonetta should be happy to see their Bayonetta alive and kicking. 

It is a must buy. If you are a fan of Bayonetta, you’ll love part 2 of the franchise more than ever. Platinum games have more plans for Bayonetta so gamers should look forward to more adventures from this series.  

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