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by Wren on October 14, 2013

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I love finding great Holiday Gifts and what is even better than me wanting the gift I find? I love those BIG presents that you get under the tree and you are beyond excited for them to open it and see their faces. To me, that is what Christmas is all about.. Giving! It really is anyways, but I love the excitement that I get before someone opens a gift I really put thought into and sometimes a lot of money. It is all worth it in the end!


I spend a lot of time gaming with a headset on. I either chat with my friends or just love the experience of truly getting into a game. So if you know anyone who loves gaming and does so with a headset more often then not, you may want to consider getting them Astro A40 Audio System. It includes the A40 Headset + MixAmp Pro. The headset alone is fantastic, but when paired with the MixAmp Pro you get a whole new experience.

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When I used just the headset it is great for just listening to music while I work or playing some games, but when paired with the MixAmp Pro you can not go wrong. You really get to choose the balance of sounds you want with it and when you are doing competitive play with other players it can really give you that winning edge when you can hear your opponents coming up behind you. I was playing some Call of Duty and I could hear people just shuffling their feet behind me and could pinpoint exactly where they were. It gave me that winning edge I desperately need… I am a horrid CoD player, but it does not take away from my enjoyment of the game.

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With the headset alone you can plug up to your PC. If you have the MixAmp pro you are able to hook up to not just the PC, but also the Xbox 360 & PS3 as well. It works wonderfully for me as it is the same setup for each except adding in the controller for the Xbox 360. You can watch my video below as I show you the basic setup for the PC, PS3 & Xbox 360. Not the best video, but it gives the general idea. At first with all the wires I was a bit intimidated, I was not sure if I would be able to figure it all out. There is a diagram in the MixAmp Pro along with every wire you will need. So it became very simple.

The sound is crystal clear if you just use the headset or if using the MixAmp Pro. I loved that I did not have any white noise or anything else. Everything that comes out of the headset is just great sound. I no longer have to go back and forth with settings to make sure I am able to hear my friends while I play, the MixAmp Pro is so easy to use and give you just the settings you desire without doing extra leg work to get everything balanced just so.

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I do have one complaint about the headset, and that is the volume control on the wire. It seems that if I hit it just right all of a sudden my volume is shut off. It has happened on more then one occasion and it gets me frustrated at times. It is not a huge inconvenience and will not stop me from using them, it is just something to certainly look out for and try to keep it from happening.

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Astro Gaming also has loads more colors then ever before, check out their Neon Color Series! There is also the normal white and black which are equally amazing! I like to show off my individual personality through color, so when I have an option for Pink I typically go for it. The colors are bright and fun! If having those customization options are not for you or not enough for you, you can always get custom tags for the ear pieces! You can create your own or check out some of the ones Astro Gaming already have.

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So when looking for that amazing big gift this year for that gamer who is hard to shop for, consider getting them the Astro A40 Audio System. You will be their favorite gift giver this year and for many years to come. This is an item they will use always and enjoy. So head on over to for you or the gamers in your life!

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