Adventure Time: The Complete First Season Blu-ray Review

by Wren on June 25, 2013


What time is it? … ADVENTURE TIME!!!

As a family in the evenings when we are not gaming we love to kick back with a fun show that is not only fun for our children but also fun for us. There are so few shows that really do cater to this need, but Adventure Time is one of those shows! It gives you a mix for the whole family without hitting one age group more then the other. I was completely excited that it was coming out on Blu-ray for the first time.


Slaps, that cat was kicking my buns, and it might’ve finished my buns if it weren’t for Jake’s stank.

If you know nothing about the Cartoon Network hit Adventure Time let me bring you up to speed. Adventure Time follows 2 adventurers Finn the Human & Jake the Dog in the land of Ooo. Finn is a very energetic and helpful boy and Jake is a magical dog who loves to help and is always there for Finn. They have an energy about their friendship that I think is a great thing for children to see. No matter their differences they are willing to go to any lengths to help each other. Their adventures follow a medieval knight approach, but there are many genres that their journeys take.

Slamacow! That was tops! Who’s not good at math? I was all, “Four!”


The land of Ooo could be based off my own daughter’s imagination! For instance you will find the Ice Kingdom, Evil Forest, & Cloud Kingdom. There are many characters to enjoy Ice King, Lumpy Space Princess [called lovingly by Finn & Jake LSP], Jake’s girlfriend Lady Rainicorn, a surprisingly sweet Vampire Queen named Marceline [My personal favorite], Princess Bubblegum [Jake has a crush on her], & many more loveable and not so loveable characters!


I am very excited to see & hear Adventure Time in the best quality! The colors are vibrant & the fun techno music of Adventure Time is clear and always fun! The special features are well worth your time and can give you a few interesting facts about the show that should tickle your fancy!


Normally I throw out the cardboard covers to DVDs. You can see when you take off the cardboard cover of fin’s outfit it shows off his beautiful hair! My daughter loves it and can not wait to show people when they come over, and they are normally forced to watch Adventure Time!

Even if you bought the original first season I do hope you will pick up the Blu-ray version of this amazing show & enjoy all 26 episodes in the way they should be!

Disclosure: I received a free product from the sponsor to review. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.

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