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Disney Infinity Review [PS3]

I have kids that love to play video games during their down time! I love that they really get into it and have a good time. I love games that let you play together or something I can join and with Disney Infinity you even get to play some of ...

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Saints Row IV Review [Xbox 360]

Saints Row IV Review [Xbox 360]

Publisher: Deep Silver Developer: Volition Release Date: August 20, 2013 When I first heard about what was planned story wise for Saints Row IV [SRIV], I was a bit skeptical... okay I was a lot skeptical. I kept thinking "Please do not ruin Saints Row for me!".  After all of my worrying, it ...

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Metro: Last Light Review [PS3]

Metro: Last Light Review [PS3]

Yet again another review lay to the wayside because I have been far to busy with a new baby. I had full intentions on having this written before her arrival, but she came a tad bit early. Now I must find time to write when I can, and she is ...

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Dead Island Riptide Review [PS3]

  This review has been a long time coming. Sadly becoming a new mom [again] makes me slow in getting my reviews out in the timely fashion I should. I played the crap out of Dead Island Riptide with the husband before her arrival and we had a ton of fun. ...

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Sacred Citadel [PC]

So as some of you have come to know, I love co-op games. At the very least I enjoy games with the possibility of co-op options. I do not mean multi-player, I mean cooperative play! My husband and I love to play games where we work together for a common ...

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Faucet Face Glass Bottle

by Wren on January 15, 2014


I drink a lot of water, in fact it is really the only thing I drink on a daily basis. I enjoy a nice treat every now and again, but after having my most recent pregnancy I really have not gone back to my soda addiction! So I typically have a water bottle on hand at all times, it also sends a good message to my children! My oldest has adopted the habit, which I am grateful.


I really do not like plastic water bottles, and yet I want a reusable one. Recently I had the opportunity to try out a Glass Bottle from Faucet Face! I have to say, I love the name of this company too. I have the Hummingbird Feeder bottle, which is stinking adorable! I love carrying it around and I get so many complements! I had a friend ask me what kind of beverage I had and was surprised it was just filtered water from my faucet. He figured it was something fancy,  but it wasn’t.


So much plastic in our environment harms so many animals every day! That is why I choose to use glass. It also leaves my water untainted that plastic can leech into water. So having a reusable glass bottle is better for you and better for our planet. I also want to add that I made the mistake of dropping my bottle, my heart stopped! Though luckily it was not a far fall and the glass on these bottles is very thick. It held together after my clumsiness!

I think my favorite thing about Faucet Face’s Glass Bottles is its 1 for 100 program. Faucet Face donates 5% of ALL sales of hose water, tap is terrific and hummingbird feeder glass water bottles, PLUS, a complete filter for each sale of 5 or more individual bottles to the clean drinking water charity Third Millennium Awakening (TMA). How fantastic is that? I think it is a great thing to stand behind, so be sure to not just get a bottle for you, but one for everyone in your family! These also make great gifts!

I truly recommend using these bottles. Great for us and great for our environment, and lets not forget we are helping to donate drinking water to people who have none! So get heading to their website!

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Build-A-Bear Workshop Merry Mouse Review

by Wren on December 17, 2013

Build-a-bear logo

My family loves going to our neighborhood Build-A-Bear Workshop, and having fun as a family. We sometimes let our kids create a new best friend or we go shopping for some best friends we already have. It is something we really love doing as a family just together.


As the holidays approach it is the time of season to find that perfect gift! My little girl is one person I really see enjoying something from Build-A-Bear Workshop this year. So that is why I have given her Merry Mouse, it is such an adorable mouse and you can get the cutest Christmas pajamas or outfits and a red Santa hat for it that will top off the look!


You can even get the book “Twas the Fun Before Christmas” which stars Merry Mouse & Santa! It is an adorable story I loved reading with my little girl. It has stickers and activities included! You can even use it as a gift card holder! we really enjoyed it.

Merry Mouse is extremely soft and cuddly and in the Christmas PJs it really makes an amazing cuddle buddy for the holidays. My little girl loves him and has done everything for the holidays since she has gotten him. Seems he will be her best friend forever. I really love his adorable little look and his tail that sticks out of his PJs is just so cute! If I was not a grown adult I think he would be my snuggle buddy.

So this year when looking for someone of the younger variety think about getting them Merry Mouse from Build-A-Bear Workshop. If that is not their style than think about a gift card or many of the other stuffed friends that are for the holiday!

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My Tot Clock Review

by Wren on December 17, 2013


Holidays are coming and we are all wanting to be as prepared as possible for them! I really enjoy picking out practical gifts along with not so practical gifts for everyone on my list. Sometimes kids are so hard to shop for because you never know what they have.


A more practical gift this year along with something even their parents [or you as a parent] will love! My Tot Clock is something that will help any kid in learning the time. It has an alarm for bedtime, waketime, naptime, encourage & discipline. I not only helps kids, but parents too.


For bedtime & naptime there is a cartridge that is included that can play bedtime stories and songs to help get your little one to sleep. It also glows a nice blue to serve also as a night light for bedtime & a light blue at naptime. There are several cartridges to choose from for different songs and stories.


When the alarm wakes up your child it plays an optional happy song to get them up in a really great way. They won’t be woken by a blaring alarm but a really soothing sound. I found it to be very cherry.


When using it for discipline reasons it will glow a bright red. You can set the timer for any age appropriate time. I go with one minute per years of age for my children and I know plenty of Mommy Circles do too. So set the timer and then when time is up it beeps and turns a yellow color.


The encourage timer is great for having your kid read for a certain amount of time or perhaps you want them to clean their room for a set amount of time? It is great for anything that encourages them and set the timer. I liked to use it for having my daughter practice writing for 10 minutes a day and reading for 30 minutes a day. It works great and glows green during the time.

There are great ways to personalize your My Tot Clock. You can get new faceplates & Tot Clock Treasures, these are the cartridges with different songs and stories. I know my kids really enjoy having things their own way and certainly a way for them to know what is theirs. Each of my girls have their own personalities and I love nurturing that.

One great thing about this product is the fact that it is made by a mom for her kids! I think products like that are the best. It was something she wanted for her kids and since she could not find it, she made it. So this is a great product she uses for her kids and now I use for mine. This is a great clock for anyone with little ones to help them know when it is time to be up and when it is time to go to bed.

I know the key with getting my children to bed is being consistent. Sometimes we go to bed a little later, but the routine stays the same. It helps them know “Hey, its bedtime… Mom means business.” So I think in that, this clock will help many parents to give their kids the consistency and routine that they crave.

Disclosure: I received a free product from the sponsor to review. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.


Skylanders SWAP Force Starter Pack [PS3]

by Wren on December 16, 2013

Release Date: October 13, 2013
Rating: Everyone 10+
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Vicarious Visions

Skylanders SWAP Force Logo HiRes

This might surprise some of you, but I am a huge gamer and so is my entire family! Maybe you are not surprised, but would you be if I told you I was in love with the Skylanders video games? I really am and I love the figures that come along with them. If we are not playing them we can still put them decoratively on a shelf and enjoy seeing our favorite characters, pretty much anytime.


We own Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure & Skylanders Giants, so when I saw they were coming out with Skylanders SWAP Force I knew I had to have that too. I was at first confused on how the SWAP portion of that was going to work out and I did not want my already lovable characters to be obsolete in the new game.

While I was opening up the box, my daughter explained EVERYTHING SWAP Force to me. I am not even kidding, I guess she had watched every YouTube video under the sun for it just so she could be fully prepared for its release. We pulled out Blast Zone, Wash Buckler & Ninja Stealth Elf. I have a huge love of Stealth Elf and was excited to see a new one available in this game too!

So on my daughter’s description of everything SWAP Force she told me that the SWAP Force characters you get 2 of each element. So they are similar in the way Giants worked, but different. Simply put the Giants had one of each element and just did different things than the other characters and that is exactly what happens here, except you get 2 of each element.

Skylanders SWAP Force_Ninja Stealth Elf

So I turned it on and I actually think the graphics are better than in Giants, but barely because Giants were great. We played with it a while and changed the Swappers around a lot. We have other Swappers too and played with them and had a lot of fun! You do get to a point where you need different swappers to finish certain mini games, but I am pretty sure if my daughter and I have our way we will have them all in no time! I made sure we had every Giant and my favorite one was the last one to be released Ninjini, what can I say I like the girl characters the best. I perhaps am bias. Which brings me to I think my only complaint, I don’t think any of the Swappers are female…. but going on.

It took us a couple days, but we beat the game and I have to say we were so excited to play it again. The campaign was awesome and we enjoyed the storyline so much. I loved each character and the voice acting was awesome. We enjoyed all the attacks and even the changes from the previous games made it different, so we did not feel like we were playing the same game; just a different title.


I guess I should tell you a bit about the story, but without giving too much away. At the end of Giants we see the shadow of Chaos’s Mother and we are left to wonder why he was so terrified to see her. We meet her in SWAP Force and we see why pretty quickly. Chaos decides to do his own thing and wants to corrupt a volcano that is going to erupt and spread his [for lack of a better word] chaos across Skylands. So we [The player] must stop Chaos.

There are areas where you need to unlock doors and you have to have 2 elements to do so. Now one way to do it is to have one swapper from each element so you can unlock the doors. Not everyone will have that right out of the game so you can use one Skylander from each element to open the door. I have every element at least twice, my kids are so spoiled because their Mom loves it too!

Just like in previous games you can play all the characters from them and you can use all the characters you have on any system as long as you have the game! I really love that my daughter can pack up her Skylanders and head to a friends house where they have the game too, just on a different system and they can have fun together there too. Since you are paying extra for more characters, it makes it great you don’t have to worry about it not porting to another System, especially with the next gens that just came out!


The game is family friendly and so much fun for adults and kids! I know with Spyro’s Adventure and Giants my husband and I would play late into the night trying to unlock EVERYTHING! So it can be pretty addicting to us adults too, so I would not peg this as JUST a kid game. I of course always have the excuse I got it for my kids, instead of fessing up to owning it for myself.

I really like that the Skylanders App even updated to work with the SWAP Force characters so we can put in their code and play there too. My daughter LOVES that app so much and every time she gets a new character I doubt she waits for the dust of opening them up to clear before that code is in her iPad and she is playing with them.

This game was so much fun and really engaging. I loved the changes made from the previous games, but I loved those too! It just made it seem different and I really loved the story. I am so happy to have this added to my collection of games!

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Bellossoms Book 1 & 2 Review

December 16, 2013

The holidays are coming and it is time to start figuring out what to give people on your lists this year. Sometimes it can be a bit difficult, but I suggest books whenever possible. Reading can take you to new places and you can have new experiences and adventures without getting off the couch, there […]

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Mega Bloks HALO UNSC Anti-Armor Cobra Review

December 15, 2013

I love building things with my kids and when they have a connection to think we enjoy it makes it even better. We have loads of Mega Bloks stuff and we build all sorts of neat things. I love seeing the creative sides of my kids and it is always fun to put together new […]

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The Lone Ranger Review

December 15, 2013

Movies are a big thing in my home, always an excuse to climb into the couch and snuggle up together with some popcorn, or other nice treat. I just love anything that brings us together and we can just be together. We watch a lot of Disney movies as a family, they are always great […]

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Merry Christmas, Splat… and More Winter Stories Review

December 15, 2013

I love reading and I try to make sure my children also enjoy it as much as possible. Each of my kids gets read to each night when I tuck them in and the older ones listen to the younger ones being read to. I think this is a great tradition to pass on to […]

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Legends of CHIMA: Laval’s Journey Review [3DS]

December 15, 2013

Release Date: September 3, 2013 Rating: Everyone 10+ Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment LEGO I can not express how much my kids love LEGOs and let alone how much they love video games. I think we have countless LEGO video games in our game collection and I doubt there will be anytime we will stop getting […]

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The Littlest Pet Shop- Lights, Camera, Fashion! Review

December 15, 2013

I love family fun shows and even some that are just for my little girl. They really love Littlest Pet Shops and I think I have stepped on everyone we own at least twice. I remember the excitement on their faces when it was announced that there was going to be a series of it. […]

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